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Peripheral Support

The peripherals have become the exemplary part of the life. When you use any of the peripherals like the USB, scanners, printers, camera and MP3, there are chances of all types of havoc. Most of them begin when you want to install them. You would find the manuals explaining them in brief, and they sound Latin and Greek most of the times, for most of the users are not from the technical background. The functionalities and how they are to be connected to the computer are never easy to be understood concepts. You need the professional touch when you are left clueless. The Pinnacle Technology lends a helping hand whenever you need remote assistance for any software problem. It can help you with any issues with the peripheral nerve damage, and anything to do with computer and peripherals.

The peripheral support from Pinnacle technology includes:

  • Set up and installation of the peripherals
  • Software supports for errors that occur while using them
  • Software support for connection issues
  • Support for all settings, regular and advanced
  • General troubleshooting

When you are hiring our services, you can be sure about the efficacy. You need to give a call or place an order online. The team of our technicians request permission for remote access, permit and just this is what you need to do.

Our technicians can resolve any problem. If you want to try the local repair shops, then you will waste time, or even someone is visiting your home for the same, time is lost. But with our services, the solutions are faster.

Our primary concern is your security. We price right and our payment gateways are secured. We value your privacy, and the remote access is just for the support, and you can trust us for we care about our reputation.

Security Support

At Pinnacle technology, we provide the online technical and security essentials. We also provide various computer support online provider with the help of remote access for software.

Computers, in today’s world, are the most important part of our lives which is used to transfer billions of data every year. We crazily use computers and also internet for uploading our personal information and for performing various tasks. These days, social networking sites are very popular, especially for connecting people from all over the world. Although the data we exchange through this medium is not very safe until we follow some privacy measure to protect our personal data.

According to the statistics, many users are suffering from their businesses because every year lot of data is being stolen from computers and different websites which demand CM security for PC. In order to protect this theft, we should install some or the other software should be installed like spyware for protecting our data. Another such threat to our computer system is the virus attack; these computer viruses perform unusual functions which can harm our computer system. In order to protect our PC from the virus attack, we should install some good antivirus software as installing and maintaining the software is not easy. This software performs a free virus scan to ensure the computer safety.

At Pinnacle technology, we take an oath to help all the users for helping them in all possible ways. To help the users with the problem of data theft and various virus attacks, we provide the most reliable solutions and we are known to provide the best free virus protection to our users. Not only this we also ensure that the software that is installed on the computer gets updated automatically at the fixed intervals so that we need not install them every time.

Thus, we help the users in protecting their data so that they are relaxed that their data is in safe hands. In case there comes any software issues in the computer or PC tools, we are here to ensure and provide the best services for the software.

Operating System Support

A collection of software and applications is called the Operating System, OS in short. This manages the hardware resources of the computer. The OS is required to run any program, and also it acts an intermediary between two programs. The OS is now found in all devices from the computers to the cell phones. There are lots of OS available in the market, like the Windows, Android, BSD, iOS, QNX and much more. Without any of these, you cannot find the computer useful, for working on the computer, these are mandatory.

For the efficient functioning of the computers, the OS acts a backbone. There can be issues like slowing down of the computer, poor performance, and blue screen errors when the OS has to troubleshoot. If you have any concerns regarding your OS, then do not stay away from giving a call to Pinnacle Technology.

We work from Monday to Saturday on working hours (9AM to 5 PM EST), and a call or the online chat can help us serve you. We can help you with all these issues:

  • Installation of the Operating System
  • Upgrading the OS from the previous version
  • Blue screen of death
  • Problem with audio and video
  • Browsing issues
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth issues
  • Setup of networking and troubleshooting
  • Installation of software
  • Uninstallation of software
  • Installing new and critical OS updatesg
  • Compatibility issues of the OS with the other programs of the computer

When you feel that your system is not performing correctly or performs poorly because there is a compatibility issue, or need to update Operating system, then do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We save you trouble and time. Our services are genuinely priced, and we have red hat support.

We come up with apt solutions for your OS troubles. All you need to do is to contact us and allow us to access your computer through remote access. Then relax and the job is done in no time.

Business Service Plan

Gold Plan is the total Peace of mind solution for your Personal Computers . In this plan you will get instant support from the Technical Expert in real time, you are not required to call toll free number and wait in queue or write a mail you just need to click on the "CALLING CARD" which will be installed on your desktop as a privilege customer.

Support DurationMon-Sat 09:00 AM to 05:00 PM EST
Email SupportWithin 6 hours
Instant Access through Calling Card
Proactive Preventive maintenance calls every Month
12 system Health Check-up
Unlimited Number of Occurrence/Month
Features1 year unlimited technical support. Upto 5 computers
Issues Covered
  • Bandwidth Test
  • Blue Screen Problems
  • Broadband Issues
  • Data Backup
  • Disk Clean-ups
  • File Downloading
  • File Sharing
  • Firewall Issues
  • Full Pc Service
  • Home Networks
  • Internet Connectivity Issues
  • Internet Issues
  • Memory Problems
  • Microsoft Office
  • MS Windows Errors
  • Patches Updation
  • Peripherals Installations
  • Pop- Issues
  • Printer Sharing
  • Remote Working
  • Shutdown Issues
  • Slow Computer
  • Software Installation
  • Spyware Removal
  • System Backups
  • System Health Checks
  • System Security
  • Temp File Removal/Recent History Removal
  • Virus Removal
  • Virus Scanner Software's
  • Windows Freeze Up
  • Wireless Networking

Our Technical Expertise

Peripheral Support
Security Support
Operating System Support
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